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Getting Fresh With The Chef

Plants on Plates: Getting Fresh with the Chef is an interview series spotlighting chefs ready to engage in a lighthearted and transformational conversation about the importance of putting plants at the centre of our collective plates. The interviewees will come from some of the finest restaurants in Canada, representing a variety of cooking philosophies and styles. The interviewers will be kids, who are naturally curious about cooking, food sources, and the environment. We believe that the pairing of kids and chefs is the perfect way to reach the hearts, minds and taste buds of as many people as possible. This entertaining series is a subtle way of challenging our broken, unsustainable, inequitable and often unethical food system. Plants on Plates assumes most food lovers already know the plant kingdom is healthy and delicious, and that the more we eat of it the better. What they don’t know is how to make plants the centrepiece of a delicious meal. What they need is guidance and inspiration from tastemakers they admire—chefs.

The interview is designed to elicit what motivates chefs to innovate. The interviewer will challenge the chef to identify and consciously replace at least one ingredient in their restaurant that no longer needs to be animal based. The notion that the vegan market isn’t big enough to make menu innovation profitable is outdated. Plants are bountiful, comparatively cheap, and delicious. Diners will regularly look for and choose the plant-based option because by creating it, chefs have told them it’s ok. Chefs have superpowers.

Plants on Plates is a grassroots effort to effect real change on the food landscape that will have lasting effects on our actual landscape. If each of us, beginning with chefs, consciously swapped out even one animal based ingredient in our kitchens, we would be banded together in a global pursuit to save the planet. It’s about empowering individuals to make a difference. One kid, one chef, and one ingredient at a time.

It is our firm belief that putting chefs on the front line of the search for delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives, that our families, communities, and potential for global change will blossom and thrive.

It’s time to get fresh.

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