Spring Shake Up

Spring Shake Up
(Spring is for blossoms, rejuvenation and hopefulness)

Habit is health or habit is disease (I honestly can’t remember who coined this…entirely possible it was me!).

What’s your health trajectory?

Wanna blossom this spring? I dare you to implement even one of the suggestions below and prepare for amazing…add together one or more and look the hell out!

Despite what pharmaceutical companies would have us believe there is no magic pill, rather our health is built and decided through our knowledge, our consistency and our optimism. Remember we actually already have most of the power and it begins and ends with what we put into our mouths every day.

The following 8 tips may seem obvious but dig deep and honestly ask yourself if there aren’t a few areas where you could shake things up a bit…

1. HYDRATE! Drink three large glasses of water when you wake up before you do anything else…one for your brain, one for your lungs and the third for the rest of your body. Stay hydrated all day…water, water, water! Take a large mason jar to work with either chopped up cucumber and mint or slices of lemon or lime, add some fresh herbs. Don’t go anywhere without water or you may end up buying a bottle filled with lifeless liquid infused with plastic junk instead of fruit and herbs.

2. EAT RAW FOODS! Try to eat a salad everyday, make your own dressing out of lemon juice, sea salt and high quality olive oil. Add brown rice or quinoa, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, olives, hot peppers. There are no rules. It won’t take long before you begin to crave kale over ______ (fill in the blank!) and the days that you don’t include a salad you will notice a dip in your energy and mood. Create healthy habits instead of restrictions. Add in instead of taking away. Once you start feeling the positive effects of a new habit the old ways that were bringing you down will get elbowed out.

3. SLEEP! Getting enough is paramount to health. Sleep is when we repair and rejuvenate. 

4. EXERCISE! I wish I didn’t work out…said no one…ever.

There are so many forms of exercise and something out there is perfect for you. Until you find it, at the very least get a fitness tracker, set a step goal and don’t go to bed until you’ve reached it.

5. PLAY! Surround yourself with people you love, find fun things to do together and play just as much outside as you do inside. Forget the weather- dress for it!

6. RECLAIM YOUR KITCHEN! Plan ahead, eat and cook at home. Find the time. It will change your life and save you a ton of money. Host potlucks, games nights and center it all around being together. 

7. QUESTION! Question any food that comes in a package, any ache or pain, any person who is unkind or critical. Don’t normalize what isn’t normal. Facing even something that scares us head on is, in the end, incredibly freeing.

“Genetics loads the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger.” Philip J. Goscienski, M.D

8. EXPERIMENT! Experiment with plant based alternatives. Swap out all animal based ingredients that simply don’t need to be anymore (example- vegan mayo- impossible to tell the difference between plant or egg based mayo) for your health and the health of the planet. Try meatless Monday’s or better yet do a 30-day vegan challenge. You may lose weight and wake up at the end of the month pain free, with more energy than you know what to do with, glowing clear skin and lower cholesterol and blood pressure than you have had in years (just to name a few perks of eating plants).

Food is everything. Food is family. Food is memories. Food is medicine. Food brings us together. Food keeps us together.