Salad Daze Top 10 – An eBook of original recipes


Salad Daze Top 10 eBook – Download Here

The idea of creating an original salad for 94 days straight sounds completely nuts to me today as I wrap up Salad Daze, but back in May it somehow made perfect sense. Nothing could possibly have prepared ‘spring fever’ Margie for; a) exactly how much extra work I was taking on and; b) how much I would enjoy every second of it.

In many ways, it helped me appreciate our short Ontario summer. Of the 94 salads that made up the fabric and flavour of my summer, 10 rise to the top. These 10, along with a few unsolicited thoughts and musings from a dazed salad maker are my gift to you. These are delicious salads that you can make all year long to remind you of summer.

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